Happy Chinese New Year 2022

While we all gathered to celebrate the New Year on January 1st, at Elementals we always look towards the Lunar New Year on February 1st and, while this cycle may be different than the one we are used to, it is beautiful in that it listens to the hidden and silent motions of the Earth.

We may not notice them, but the Elements are always at work, beneath the surface of the Earth, high above the clouds, following the comings and goings of the Moon – sap rises or lingers in the soil, waves swell and crash and we ourselves are naturally tuned to this oft overlooked energy.

Celebrating this New Year with us may just be the right moment to change your frequency and tune in to an elemental one; the right moment to discover that there is a lot to learn and gain from being more aware of Nature and making one with Her because whether you want it or not, 2022 will be one heaven of a ride.

This year promises a whole lot of adventures. It will be a journey of itself, within yourselves. Challenging, potentially lifechanging; a year of risk-taking, of self-learning and healing.

A year to change all years.

A new year to commence a new you.

And if you can’t really make sense of it all yet, trust us, we will get you there…


Chinese New Year

Every six decades, the Water Tiger comes back into our skies to shake up our lives. After a year ruled by the Ox signifying a slow, stable rebirth, there finally comes from Heavens above a potent kick, all the more powerful since it harnesses both the energies of Water and the Tiger, and while some might have grown accustomed to a calmer pace of life, chances are they will be challenged and forced to find peace within themselves rather than outside, but how exactly will it happen and why now?

What does the Water Tiger mean for us?

The Chinese Zodiac not only cycles through animals but also through elements: each animal has a corresponding element whilst years have both thus leading to this Water Tiger combination. If you are an avid reader and friend of ours, you will probably know by now that elements behave spiritually as they do in the material world. Because it flows, Water is all about change and movement. Because it connects cities and continents, Water is about human connections and interactivity. Because it meanders through dells and clefts, following the proclivities of natural terrain, Water is passive, receptive and reactive.

Water springs from the depths and rises above Earth. Water nurtures, soothes and cleanses. It purifies and quenches thirsts. It gnaws at the coastline; it shapes the sturdiest of mountains: Water is always still, yet always it manages to move and move the world around it. Water, at last, is 75% of our body. It is our life and tears and every body of Water in the world, be it a pond or the vast ocean, will inevitably call to our inner Water, this unmovable yet always changing part of us that is our soul. Water is pure Yin and this year, it meets the Yang strength of the Tiger.

The Tiger in itself is a burst of masculine – that is active – energy. Tigers are fearless, impulsive and impetuous, their roar is loud, their jump is quick; they are bold and fierce and rash and Tiger personalities are just this. They are prone to take leaps of faith; they exude a strong magnetism, an implacable charm that makes them natural leaders; yet for all their might, Tigers are feline in every way: they like to bite and scratch just as much as they like to cuddle and care.

A year placed under the sign of the Water Tiger means that everything will be challenged to evolve but not that hell will necessarily break loose. It means that, alike an unstoppable river or a proud tiger, this year will take you somewhere else, push you somewhere else, either by carrying or scaring you there. Yours indeed remains the choice to take that leap of faith or be pushed over the cliff, but jump you shall, and land you will.

You needn’t fear indeed for, along with sudden changes, this year will bring a little something else, something absent from the past two years: Fire, the element of light, warmth, passion and beauty. It will do so because both Water and Tiger are strongly connected to Wood, which – quite literally – fuels Fire. How and why is yet another ELEMENTALS story, one for another time.

All that now matters is that, as the Lunar New Year commences, you can jumpstart it by wearing our Water perfume, specifically formulated to evoke the clarity and freshness of a mountain stream and the flowing nature of Water. A woody burst of Black Pepper greets you, almost cold and salty like foaming sea spray, its coolness strengthened by that of Angelica whose exceptional transparency owes much to its high proportion of natural white musks.

Clear and dewy, with round and grassy drops of Absinth and Clary Sage, Water is at once crystalline and powerful, enveloping yet never smothering and finishes on a mossy patch of Seaweed, its woodiness prefiguring that of Wood itself.

Wearing Water this month will be more than an aesthetic approach to Feng Shui and the energies that rule our Earth, it will be a truly subdued manner of experiencing the benefits of Water. ELEMENTALS fragrances serve this purpose, to introduce you, through the most sensual and radical senses of all, to this higher yet very pragmatic reality that surrounds us. If you do not feel like travelling near a body of water, whether it be a sea or a glacier, then a spritz – or two – of our Water should do.
Our fragrances are not only meant to be worn. They are meant to be lived with.

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