On a dragon’s wings…

Dear friends of Elementals,

There is comfort in knowing that the days of winter are coming to an end. You might have noticed it, that the world is finally blossoming, that the days grow longer and warmer and perhaps have you already felt a certain weight being lifted off your chest, a tingling and deeply hidden sense of joy growing within you – such is our nature, that we gladden with Nature herself.

In this, we are Elemental beings. The simple, uncontrollable joy that washes over you when the sun warms up your skin is enough of a proof that we are attuned to the cycle of elements. The spring of life not only makes trees blossom but our hope as well; brighter make us smile; the sight of flowers, the scent of ripe fruits, they all contribute to our wellbeing, to our well-living, to our happiness.

If you ever needed a stronger proof that Elements have a very direct impact on our everyday lives, my friends, here it is.

Let us revel in what April has in store for us, and should we find it more challenging a month than others before, let us seek the solace we need in the living around us.

This April, we are entering into a Yang Wood Dragon month, which means we get to finally meet a character we have perhaps not yet come across: the Dragon. While it may seem like there is a lot to unfold, this month is rather straightforward as far as energies are concerned.

The Dragon is the only mythical animal of the Chinese zodiac, and perhaps the most revered of them all. Often seen as the Rainmaker, the Dragon is a herald of change, abundance, good luck, and prosperity wherever he goes. Dragons are naturally commanding, compelling, enchanting, strong-willed, independent, and quick to act. Their mythical aspect fascinates as much as it subjugates, making them born leaders and commanders.

As with every sign of the Zodiac, there are five different types of Dragons, one for each element, and this month, we are placed under the scrutinizing eye of the Yang Wood Dragon. So what does this mean for us?

Wood is about life, growth, and stability.

While Yin Wood is akin to a never-ending vine and tender blades of grass, Yang Wood is stern, tall, and unyielding, with far-reaching roots.

As such, the Yang Wood Dragon can be seen as a broad and tall tree, with massive roots, rising high above the canopy, unchallenged in its rule.

Put together, the Wood and the Dragon mean that April might seem inflexible and a bit difficult to flow through at first. Why? Because the Dragon is represented by the element Earth and Wood controls Earth. So from the onset, you may be faced with conflict, stubbornness, obstacles, whether coming from others or from within yourself.

Wood periods are times of growth, of nurturing projects and ideas before shooting them far up in the skies. This apparent stubbornness and impossibility to navigate could in fact be an opportunity for us to look at our projects with a more pragmatic mind, to let their roots sink deep, reach far, grow strong so our realisations may hold longer and be taller.

The Yang energy, of this month and this year, also means a lot of activity. Combined with the authoritative and quick-moving Dragon, this means that we may yet witness many dramatic ups and downs in the weeks to come.

The Qing Ming Festival

One thing that may help us continue to look forward, is perhaps to look back on all that we have achieved, collectively, since the beginning of days. On April 5th, the Qingming Festival will start all over China. Literally translated, it means “Pure Brightness” and is an equivalent of the Christian Day of the Dead, except this festival is seen as a celebration of the circle of life.

On Qingming, people honour their ancestors by gathering on their tombs, sweeping them with willow branches, and fumigating them with incense. Less than a grim commemoration of those who are no longer here with us, Qingming is a celebration of the joy they brought into the world and an occasion to look back on what we, ourselves, have achieved during our time; an invitation to be grateful for those who are still here around us; a call to enjoy the little beauties and joys of everyday life.

Like the willow branches, or the coming of Spring. This month, I thus picture a magnificent and powerful beast, its wings shaped like willow branches, descending on Earth to sweep this Earth pure and bright. While it may be wishful thinking, I believe there is no hurt in keeping the flame of hope kindled.

To keep alive this image of purity well alive in your everyday lifestyle, Elementals Metal is the one to reach for. Its zingy sparks of Cardamom and Coriander are bound to radiate on your skin until the freshness is taken over by a bold White Jasmine heart uplifted by the agrestic and stemmy aroma of Sweet Fennel. Brilliant, regal, and divine.

Our fragrances are not only meant to be worn. They are meant to be lived with.
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Power days for this month!

April 5 – Ching Ming

April 14 – Dragon Virtue, Initiate day!

April 16 – Watch your step, but if you know how to navigate a ‘danger’ day, this day can be extremely fortuitous.