Unleash your Power in 2024!


Ready to ride the Yang Wood Dragon into a new era?

Unlock the opportunities and secrets that await you in 2024 with your personalized Astrological Chart with a 40-minute coaching session led by Bazi Master, Deana Wyland-Fries and receive the ELEMENTALS Perfume of your choice*

*offer does not include our Special/Limited editions



Unleash your Power in 2024!

Chinese Astrology studies the relationships between Chi (life force energy) and the interaction of the Five Elements at the moment of your birth and throughout your life.  The relationships and positions of these elements are symbolic of life phases combined with the primal forces of the Universe, our Environment and our Body.

Additionally, according to the ancient masters, there are there are three distinct, yet interconnected, forces that influence our life’s journey. Each one is equally weighted in importance without regard to hierarchy or order. Together they create the Cosmic Trinity.

Heaven Luck. This is the cosmic energy that descends upon us from the Heavens. It determines your innate skillset, your looks, your personality, your destiny.

Earth Luck, is not only determined by the animals in our chart, but by the energy of the place we were born and/or live in. Needless to say, the energy of the environment we reside in can have a positive or negative impact on our energy.

Human Luck is you! Understanding the elements that are in your chart provides you with insight to who you are and how your environment is affecting your life. Human Luck, gives you the power to to make positive choices and changes in your life using the knowledge you have acquired.

If you have not already mapped out your strategic gameplan for 2024, we suggest you take advantage of the depth of knowldege and wisdom that Master Deana Wyland-Fries has been sharing with her clients for over 20 years.  Don’t miss out on this offer, valid until April 4, 2024, and let Master Deana help you find your true power hidden in your personal chart.

We guarantee, you will be glad you did!



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