Some Like it Hot…

Yang Fire Horse 2022June this year will be twice solar. Once in that it is the beginning of summer and twice because it is ruled by the Yang Fire Horse and those among you who read our past newsletters can already catch a glimpse of what that means.

Of all the elements, Fire is perhaps the easiest to understand. It is warmth and it light, it is love and it is passion, it is joy, and it is anger, it is beam and it is a burst, a swell, and an explosion.

Fire soothes and is paramount to life, yet it can also easily destroy it. It flickers, sputters and shines; it mars, chars and scorches. Yet, as with everything that constitutes our world, there is no absolute good or evil and, while Yang Fire is oft pictured as either sunlight or a volcanic eruption, it always comes down to what you make of it because Elements are as good as what you make of them.

Yang Fire is furious, yes, but it is also generous, gratuitously shedding its light on all places of darkness. It is swift yes, but it is joyful and ambitious and while its light may not run deep, it still covers all the surface of the Earth, which means that it will influence every aspect of your life this month. From your loves to your careers, Yang Fire will leave no stone unturned, no patch of night unlit.

As summer draws nigher, the Yang energy of the month will become more intense. This will present an opportunity to reap the benefits of Fire, provided you properly manage to tame it as well as your own passions and commotions. An excess of Fire can easily lead to anger, chaos, instability so, should you feel more irascible this month, look for ways to add more Water into your daily lifestyle – be it by wearing our Water perfume and/or spending a few days along the coast.

Do not get us wrong – Fire in such a configuration is a blessing in waiting for the Horse is one of the loveliest animals of the Chinese Zodiac: it channels friendship and freedom; steadfastness and comeliness; action and excitement; optimism and inspiration. So combined with the Yang Fire month and the summer solstice, June heralds infinite possibilities wanting to be taken, a number of changes that will challenge you to grow fast, to envision yourself anew, to become better. Each day may very well throw a surge of surprises at you yet none there are that will overcome you for as long as you look forward, move forward, and keep your mind at ease in a place of joy.

Elementally speaking, there are many ways to take this month into your own hands and we will leave it to you to listen to your own bodies – the physical and spiritual – to know which fragrance you’ll need best. It may not just be the one and quite often our state changes every week or day, every sometimes hours which is why we advise you to keep your Elementals at hand. For what it’s worth, here is our Fire-Fire selection for this month.

For those needing Fire.

Lack of Fire usually translates in sorrow, withdrawal, a feeling of passing depression or self-doubt. In such cases, Elementals WOOD would be your go-to fragrance as it nourishes Fire – after all, there is no bonfire without logs – and channels a vertical and upmoving energy, the springing of life necessary to reboot your system and make your Fire last. Without Wood, all your joys may very well be transient indeed – for again, can a bonfire burn for long without its logs?

For those done with Fire.

As we said, excessive Fire leads to unnecessary drama, overreaction, zealotry, anger, mayhem… all of which can easily be quenched with Water. Should you feel like the day’s become too hot or that you are becoming emotionally unstable, like you may be ready to explode at any moment or that you are in overcrowded environment, then heavy spritzes of Elementals WATER will be your way to go – the reasons for which are rather self-explanatory.

For those wanting Fire.

Harmony is finding the point of balance between wanting and needing but we would understand those wanting to feel the rush of a fiery Fire, to enhance its movement, to accelerate its generous energy. In which case, Elementals FIRE is your way to go. Its addictive blend of Cinnamon and Blood Orange sparked up by a citraly Ginger and a delicate, downy lather of Rose Otto will sure make you feel like life’s a charm and smell that ‘sumer is icumen in’.

Our fragrances are not only meant to be worn. They are meant to be lived with.


Directions & Power Days For June 2022:

Directions to avoid this month:
From East to West, through the center is trouble. Do not travel in these directions during June.

Best directions this month:
These are areas to activate. You can do so simply by adding flowers to these areas of your house, both inside and out. Northeast (Year Leader) Southeast and Northwest.

June 6: Bright new chi to help you see your project to completion

June 14: While there is now wealth or success here, it is a good day to open a new business, embark on a new path and travel.

June 15: This is not your classic power day, but the star of good fortune shines bright and it is a day to grab a hold of it.

June 18: Is about seeking harmony both within and with others. The perfect day to reach out to someone to heal or to help.

June 30: The best of the lot! Get ready to be surprised with plenty and make sure you bring whatever you are working on to completion on this day. Amazing day for growing your network.

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