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before we dive into the energy that December has to hold for us all, I would like to thank you for your support and patronage. It means a lot. Moving forward, we would like to add an element of dialogue. As such we welcome your questions and comments and will address these in our newsletters for 2023. It is our mission to be here for you and deliver the information and support that you seek.

2022 has been a challenging year for so many of us. It has been about loss, upheaval and grief for so many. What will the next year hold and how to cultivate a sense of peace and gratitude in such unrest? I am currently busy studying the energy of 2023 and will reveal my findings in January. Should you wish to know more about your personal forecast for the Year of the Yin Wood Rabbit, please feel free to reach out to me.

One of our biggest challenges this year has been getting our long awaited new Special Edition Tong Ren into your hands. Raw material shortages, packaging delays – ours is being grown – have repeatedly put a spanner in the works. Rest assured; you will be the first to know as soon as they arrive! There may be hope yet for those of you who were hoping to find it in your Christmas stocking.

This last month of 2022 is ruled by the Yang Water Rat. In terms of the elemental cycles of nature, Water is both the end and beginning of life. November (the month of the Pig) is the first animal of the Northern Water Combination and the birthplace of Wood. It is the time when nature goes to rest and prepares for the new year. December represents the pinnacle of the water season and heralds in the energy of the new year with the Winter Solstice on December 22nd.

“When it rains it pours”

Such is the energy of this month in a nutshell. In Feng Shui the Yang Water Rat represents Heaven’s water. It is unstoppable and powerful. As such, an excess of Water will continue through December. What’s more, the Hexagram of the I Ching this month is Zhen (Taking Action). It is comprised of two thunder trigrams. What message does it hold? When lightning and thunder strike, when the earth shudders, do not panic. Stay at peace within. Therein lies true wisdom and power.

Yang Water is represented by large areas of water, such as the vast oceans and large lakes. It can also be heavy rain and/or snow. Water wants to be free. It needs to flow freely. It does not like to be contained, restricted, and yet it needs boundaries, direction. It does not like to stand still. These characteristics are reflected in people with Yang Water in their chart.

An excess of Water naturally means the skies and seas may be pouring – think rain, think flooding, think movement and instability. Moreover, Yin and Water will exert an inward motion on ourselves. Just as the cold seeps in, we might be surprised by heightened melancholic feelings, a certain moodiness or tendency to sulk which is why, this month, we advise you to look for warm and comfort in all possible ways.

Now might be a good occasion to remind you that the Elementals path is all around us. It was never thought of as a conceptual way to apprehend our universe in the hope of comprehending it and us within it. The Elementals way comes from the observation of nature – from it and back to it. By closely studying natural phenomena and the relationships between them, one can deduce a set of dynamics that can be mirrored into our very human lives.

Water also relates to cold and darkness.

The colors associated with water are black and dark blue. As a result, we seek out warmth, we cocoon, we surround ourselves with twinkling lights and candles, while we are drawn to gather with loved ones and friends to feel held and heard. It is linked to the kidneys, the ears and the bladder.

If there is an imbalance or our water energy is weak or blocked, we tend to be fearful (related to the adrenal glands that sit on the kidneys), anxious, become listless and have difficulty getting our point across.

We develop kidney problems that also affect our hearing, our teeth and even hair loss. An excess of water in a persons chart can manifest itself in the inability to focus, a lack of direction and a sense of being overwhelmed by life.

Note: each person is different, so I am hesitant to provide anything more than basic recommendations here. In simple terms, if you lack water, add water (and perhaps metal) through the colors you wear, the foods you eat, the direction you sleep in, and yes, the fragrances you wear. On the other hand, if your Water energy is overflowing, the first thing you should reach for is Wood to soak it up and help you focus! Get out in nature, wear the color green, and focus on the East, for example.

In nature, winter is the time when old growth, leaves, plants and small animals that cannot survive the cold will die. In human nature, this is the time of year where we should look to de-clutter our homes and lives of that which no longer serves us. It is a time to look inward, to plan, to rest more and exert ourselves less, connecting with the deepest recesses of our consciousness.

On December 22nd at 05:45 local time, the longest night of the year, wherever you are, the energy of 2023 – the Year of the Yin Wood Rabbit will be born. This is Winter Solstice. A time to use the power of reflection and gratitude for all that is light.

In Yin there is the seed of Yang. We are currently at the peak of Yin energy. For many, it is a time of joy and celebration; for others a time of sadness and loneliness. And for some of you it is a time of stress and anxiety. I invite you to reflect on your relationship with darkness from both a physical and emotional point of view. A simple meditative exercise that I like to do at this time of year is to sit in total darkness with just a candle lit. I close my eyes and scan my body and my environment. I breathe from my tailbone to the crown of my head, hold the breath and then slowly release down the front of my body. This helps to balance the yin and yang, the water and fire energy in the body.

Once you feel ready, move your breath to the chest. Breathe into your heart, fanning the embers that are glowing within. Keep ‘fanning’ with your breath until you feel the warmth of unconditional love in your heart and a smile on your face. Now it is time to open your eyes, to connect with the candle’s flame, place your hands on your heart and set you intention.

An obvious choice of olfactory support this month is ELEMENTALS Wood. Not only will Wood gently drain the excess of water that surrounds us, but the power of Cedar and zesty Grapefruit also provide focus, gentle Iris appeases the heart and a base of Palo Santo and Sandalwood will open your mind to new opportunities.

Discover Wood

The favorable directions to activate and enjoy this month are the North, East, North East and North West.

Favorite Power Days for December:

12.12.2022: A fabulous day to close deals, to contemplate new ventures and release blockages.

15.12.2022: Enjoy the harmonious energy of today. It is good for just about everything!

18.12.2022: What do you really want? Today is the day to contemplate your purpose and act on it!

Now might be the time to remind you that the Elementals universe has been created for your wellbeing. Elementals is born out of 20 years of experience, of studying natural phenomena and the relationships between the elements, understanding the set of dynamics that can be mirrored into our very human lives.

I would like to wish you a nurturing, loving and joyful Holiday Season.

With love and gratitude,